EARLY DAY MINERS Daytrotter session is now up

Early Day Miners paid a visit to the Daytrotter studios in the fall of 2007, and laid down 4 new songs. The songs and accompanying interview are now posted on Daytrotter.com. Frontman Dan Burton has this to say about the experience:

“Our Daytrotter Session happened at an opportune time for the band. EDM was in the midst of recording a new album (which we’re currently putting the finishing touches on) and after some discussion, we chose to perform all unreleased, new songs. I think it was a good choice, a snapshot of a band smack dab in the middle of writing, arranging and making constant changes to the music. Some of the songs recorded here have already evolved and changed and gone on to become something else entirely. Upon listening back, I think it’s really exciting to hear where we were just a few months ago. The recordings exude a band which is giddy and excited about new pedals, keyboards and fresh sounds.”

Wrap your ears around them here

Live EARLY DAY MINERS video featured on Baeblemusic.com

The newly launched Baebelmusic.com is featuring Early Day Miner’s Brooklyn performance of Offshore last September.
Check it here:


Return of the Native by Early Day Miners


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