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Nikki Sudden

Groove / Crown Of Thorns

GROOVE was Sudden's last official album of the '80s (as well as his final for Creation). Recorded with his band The French Revolution, it is probably Sudden's grittiest outting. This reissue includes outtakes and his contributions to the Neil Young and Nick Drake tribute albums ("Captain Kennedy" and "Time Has Told Me", respectively), as well as the video for "Great Pharoah." Considered by many to be the dark horse favorite in Sudden's body of work, CROWN OF THORNS is the Italian-released live collection which was originally released in 1988 and was available outside of Italy in only scant quantities and at import prices. It was organized with the acoustic solo set on the A-side and the electric full band set on the B-side. The reissue, which has been expanded to include an additional 6 bonus tracks as well as a live video of "Jump On Jack", includes Sudden originals along with covers of tunes by T. Rex and the Rolling Stones

Original release dates: GROOVE CD/LP (Creation, March 1989) CROWN OF THORNS LP (Crazy Mannequin, November 1988)

(SC053 released: 10/20/02)


  1. Disc 1
  2. See My Rider
  3. Murder Valley
  4. French Revolution Blues
  5. Bordello
  6. Groove
  7. Sea Dog Blues
  8. Wedding Hotel
  9. Great Pharaoh
  10. Poorrelation
  11. Wild Cathedral
  12. Beethoven's Ring
  13. Captain Kennedy
  14. Too Bad For You
  15. Village Green
  16. Time Has Told Me
  17. Something About You

    Disc 2
  18. Midget Submarines
  19. Such A Little Girl
  20. Crossroads
  21. Kiss At Dawn
  22. Captain Kennedy
  23. Tell Me
  24. San Francisco Poet
  25. The Rolling Of The Hearse
  26. Wild Horses
  27. Mafeking Blues
  28. Jewel
  29. Crossroads
  30. Play With Fire
  31. Buick Mackane
  32. Mess With Me